The purpose and necessity for chronicling the history of a county is quite well described by Daisy Ellen Hughes, author of ‘Builders of Pope County’. In its foreword she stated, “The struggle of the settlers is a story of vital interest”. She noted that, “such a story should be gathered while the sturdiest of the pioneers are still among us. For when they have departed, many an incident, many an important fact concerning our county’s settlement, unless preserved in the printed page, will be lost forever”.

  With the assistance of several volunteer researchers, a book was issued “to preserve for posterity the simple but important annals of the settlement and development of our county”. It was presented as part of the dedication of the newly completed Pope County Courthouse in Glenwood, June 19-21, 1930.

  It is with these purposes in mind that we have undertaken to acknowledge works like hers and other first hand accounts of the history of our county.

  We dedicate this web site – ‘Pope County History’, to those immigrant settlers and founders that have come before us, and the historians that have researched their humble beginnings and courageous undertakings and preserved them in printed form for those that now follow.

  Our intent is to generally detail the early years of settlement, the founding of it’s towns and villages, the development of local economies and businesses, the schools and churches that were established and other pertinent items of interest. Links of interest and specificity are included, as well as works by local authors. A section is also devoted to the ‘present day’ Pope County Museum and History Center.

  Like history, this will be a work always in progress. We hope to not omit anyone, but ask that any omission be forgiven.
"Builders of Pope County"
by Daisy Ellen Hughes that was "Issued in  connection with the  homecoming, historical pageant and dedicatory ceremonies celebrating the completion of Pope county's new courthouse,  in Glenwood, Minnesota, June 19-20-21, 1930"

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